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Suitable for use at Water coolers and Hydration stations. Fits in pockets for mobile workers. Used during outdoor work, heavy machinery operations, site work, prolonged physical activity, hot weather, work with heavy PPE clothing.

SKU: SQ03 Sqwincher Truck Mount | SQ05 Cup Dispenser | SQ0158 340ml Cups 2000 per case | SQ0160 Pump Spouts | SQ0161 Wire Basket Category: Tags: ,


Benefits and Features

  • For use with the Sqwincher range of products
  • Set up a Hydration Station for workers
  • SQ0158 Cups – 340mL
  • SQ0160 Pump Spouts – For use with Sqwincher 2L Concentrate
  • SQ0161 Wire Basket – Fits 2 bottles of 2L Concetrate
  • SQ05 Cup Dispenser for Sqwincher Cups
  • SQ03 Sqwincher Truck Mount

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