G Size Nitrogen Cylinder

Speedgas logoNitrogen is used as a purge gas In stainless steel tube welding, it is also used as an assist gas for laser cutting, and enhances plasma cutting. Nitrogen is used with other welding gases to weld auto parts, frames, mufflers and other components because of its ability to provide the necessary atmosphere needed to produce adequate welds with any material. Inflating tyres with Nitrogen rather than air maintains tyre pressure for a longer period of time. This in turn reduces the risks associated with under-inflated tyres and lowers fuel consumption.

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Nitrogen – Compressed – Safety Sheet

Features and Benefits

  • Water Capacity Volume 50 Litres
  • Gas Volume 8.7m3
  • Height Approx 163cm
  • Diameter 25cm
  • Weight – Full 85kg

Additional information

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