Unimig Razor 200 DC TIG / MMA Digital Inverter Welder


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Features and Benefits

  • Latest IGBT Inverter Technology
  • Digital Weld Program Sequence Control
  • DC TIG
    • HF Arc Ignition (prevents tungsten inclusion & tungsten damage)
    • Adjustable Pulse Frequency 0.5 – 200Hz
    • Peak Current, Base Current and Pulse Width Adjustment
    • 2T/4T Trigger + Spot Time Adjustment
    • Start & Finish Current Adjustment
    • Pre and Post Gas Flow Adjustment
    • Up and Down Slope Adjustment
    • Remote Torch Amp Control
  • VRD (Voltage Reduction Device)
  • MMA
    • Arc Ignition
    • Arc Force
  • Thermal Overload Protection

The RAZOR200 DC TIG is an inverter-based digital controlled DC TIG welding machine with HF arc ignition and pulse capability. Produced using the latest in IGBT technology this machine offers simple easy step by step digital setting of functions and parameters providing you with professional and complete control. The HF arc ignition provides pre gas and instant arc ignition with the press of the torch switch leaving no tungsten inclusion and no contamination of the tungsten electrode.

Digital set of Pre Gas Time, Start Current Level, Up Slope Time, Down Slope Time, Finish Current Level and Post Gas Time combined with the choice of 2T or 4T trigger function allows you to control the start and finish of the weld process at the highest professional level. The Digital Control Pulse Frequency allows full parameter setting of Peak Current, Base Current, Pulse Frequency and Pulse Width, allowing you to manipulate the heat input to the work, control penetration and minimise distortion.

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